A-Z learning: Alphabet

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A to Z Learning is a series of eight board books to teach the toddlers alphabet and objects related to that alphabet. This cut and shaped series of books is perfect for the child to hold and identify letters and learn the objects. The first book in this series, Alphabet, teaches the child objects and things related to that letter. Attractive images from their surrounding make the learning easy. سلسلة A-Z learning صنعت بعناية ليخوض الطفل تجربة ممتعة مع الكتاب، في هذا الكتاب سيكشف الطفل الحروف ويثري قاموسه بكلمات جديدة ولأن الكتاب مليء بالصور الواقعية الجذابة، فالطفل لن يمل منه أبدا!

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