Ladybird Key Words


سلسلة تعليم القراءة تعتمد على تكرار الكلمات البصرية، تحتوي على 36 قصة بعدة مستويات، بيع منها أكثر من 100 مليون نسخة حول العالم..   Key Words with Peter and Jane is a highly trusted bestselling reading scheme using high frequency words in the English language as a foundation to reading successfully. With the help of Peter and Jane, key words are introduced, practiced and developed through the levels. The fail-safe reading scheme. With nearly 100 million copies sold worldwide, Key Words with Peter and Jane has successfully helped generations of children learn to read. 100 Key Words make up half of all those we read and write. This essential vocabulary is carefully introduced, practised and developed throughout the scheme. There are 36 hardcover Key Words with Peter and Jane titles in this slip

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