wocket in my pocket

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من مجموعة كتب د. سوس الكاتب والرسام الشهير. نَص بسيط يعتمد على القافية وتكرار الكلمات لتسهيل فهم وحفظ الكلمات للطفل.بشخصيات مضحكة وأحداث مرحة، يساعد الكتاب الأطفال على القراءة والمتعة في ذات الوقت.Join Dr. Seuss on the road to reading with a host of crazy creatures، from wockets in pockets to waskets in baskets!Is there a woset in your closet، or a nink in the sink? As that would be rather nice، I think! Learn all about rhymes and fun with words in this classicBy combining the funniest stories، craziest creatures and zahiest pictures with his unique blend of rhyme، rhythm and repetition، Dr. Seuss helps children of all ages and abilities learn to read.Dr. Seuss makes reading Fun!Ideal for children just beginning to read on their own. The rhyme، rhythm and repetition make them easier to read، helping to build confidence.

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